The safe and modern way of farming abroad

Farming abroad has never been easier. Thanks to MinkHotel you can have peace of mind knowing that your farm is taken care of by the best people in the business. We have a vast experience in farming stretching back all the way to 1947 and we implement this knowledge in our daily work.

We offer our customers two flexible options for their farming activities in Finland.

Thanks to our partners in the business we can offer you complete or stand-alone packages according to your needs.

MinkHotel - The customer supplies us with the puppies and we'll take care of the rest.
MinkHotel 365 - All animals at our farm 365 days per year and we'll take care of everything from year to year.

Finland is a safe bet for farming

Farming in Finland is deeply steeped in a long heritage and has a fundamental place in the society, especially along the Ostro-bothnian area on the western coastline. This means that investing in the farming business here means you are investing in sustainability and generations of expertise.

Why Finland?

  • Stable economy
  • Safe political environment
  • Generations of experience in minkfarming
  • Benefits of climate

Farmplanner - On site control off site

Developed for farmers by farmers

Total control

Farmplanner is an online software application that gives you total control over the ongoings at your farm.


Farmplanner gives you a vast number of statistics that is sure to keep you on top of trends and happenings at your farm.

Responsive and lite

Farmplanner works on screens of all sizes, and it also works on Android, iPhone and all other major phones and desktop browsers.

Affordable solution

One of the best features of Farmplanner is its pricing. Free for the first 12 months and then only 99 € per month pay-as-you-go. Total freedom.

Finland got you interested?

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